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A Design & Build approach has been a way to execute a successful project from start to finish. We at Tower Electric have very extensive knowledge and experience within the Design and Build arena. We feel that as being part of the design team and as the subcontractor, being responsible for the correct installation of the design we can better serve the client and give them what they want for the best value possible.

During the design phase of the project, budgeting is crucial and must be accurate for the criteria given at the time. We at Tower Electric pride ourselves on complete, detailed, and accurate budgets. We continue the represent the cost of a project with the most up to date information needed for the type of project and all cost that are associated with it. For the phase of construction, we ensure that the design is built as it has been design with utmost quality and professionalism.

Each project Tower Electric performs on will be provided with the necessary time for any detail, coordination, and installations concerns that could be a requirement or a special issue for a project. To insure that proper measures have been taken for a complete installation.

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Design Assist

A Design & Assist approach is another way a team could fulfill a successful project. By keeping the Design Team that an owner or customer is comfortable with, we as a sub-contractor can provide ideas and solutions from planning and installation, to also cost control or value engineering ideas. We at Tower Electric do not want to take the design away from anybody or anyone, however, we feel that being a part of the process, we’ll be sensitive to the customer’s needs and work together as a team to accomplish the goals of the project.

We will ensure that if the cost of the project is priority, or the quality, or the design is, we will ascertain every idea or thought to provide the best product possible. During the design-assist process we will listen to the customer and work with the team during the design meetings to address any issues that will affect the electrical design, cost, or schedule.

By utilizing this design-assist approach, we can be proactive in addressing the impact of design on cost and schedule so that potential problems are addressed early.

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Project Budgeting

Our Leadership and Experience within the Electrical Industry has allowed us perform over $200 Million in completed contracts. With this, we are able to assist in detail and accurate budgeting of a project to ensure that the correct cost or associated with the type of construction. We pride ourselves on our conceptual cost estimates that are brought to reality and that are eventually built and under the given budget.

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Cost-Effective Estimating

Some projects exceed the available budget and require different measures to get a project back within the initial budget. Whatever the term may be used, Cost Reductions, Value Engineering or even Scope Reduction, the process is to look at the project to reduce the project price of goods to be installed and built on a project. Value Engineering is simply not to reduce the cost of tangible items like light fixtures and electrical components, but more that that, the installation of such. The labor of a project is the biggest risk and also the majority of the cost of the job.

We will look at other ways or alternatives to install the electrical design to minimize the labor cost of the project, but keeping the integrity and quality of the installation. We understand that most projects have tight budget constraints and that the Owner is looking to maximize the effect of every dollar spent on the project. Our value engineering mentality is different than most of our competitors in that we truly look for value to the Owner.

During the value engineering process we not only focus on money savings, but also on long term cost savings, schedule enhancing changes, and cost adders that add value to the project. As we produce a list of value engineering, we detail the list into specific line items with costs so that the Owner can pick and choose the items that add value to their project.

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BIM / 3D Modeling

BIM / 3D Modeling is no doubt a useful tool in today's construction process. Many of our projects use this tool to ensure that a project is built efficiently and ensures up-front detection of any issues or "Clashes" of installations that may affect another trade with their install.

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