Meow Wolf

Location: 1338 1st St. Denver, CO

Owner: KSE Elitch Gardens / Revesco / Second City LLLP

General Contractor: Turner Construction

Architect: Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects

Engineer: MVC Consulting

Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station was a once-in-a-lifetime build. This five-story building Core and Shell is an Interactive Art Museum that allows individuals to become immersed in the unique works of art while being hands-on. Tower Electric had over 80,000 hours on the project with no loss time. We teamed with Interface Communications to install over 1.5 million feet of low-voltage cable in seven different systems. On top of these systems, all the Tech equipment was custom per exhibit. The Tower Electric team worked closely with the Meow Wolf tech team to field assemble, troubleshoot, and install custom one-off tech equipment that had to meet UL standards and be field inspected and listed.

Along with the complexity of the building itself from a structure and detailed standpoint, the Life Safety component of the building was one of the most challenging aspects to ensure the patrons are protected in case of an emergency. The Fire Alarm Detection and Notification System were without a doubt very complicated and took a considerable amount of planning, design, and cooperation with the City and Denver Fire Department. Along with the normal smoke detection and notification in the building, another system was integrated into the building as a form of early detection. This VESDA System was installed by way of tubing that would sample the air throughout the exhibit to pick up the very minute air disturbances that could be potentially harmful to people and indicate a possible fire at the very early stage. Given the many different installation materials used and unique applications, this was a real concern for the Fire Department. With over 580 devices and 580 monitoring points throughout the building, it took over a month to test the building for proper function and notification of the system. Our Fire Alarm Group at Tower Electric built the system flawlessly and didn’t have one trouble within the system and passed full inspection on the first Final Inspection.


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